Moonshot Review – Romantic Comedy With a Twist

This Moonshot review will focus on the film’s romantic elements. With a low amount of known actors in this film, the story is not as unique as it may seem. Yet, the two leads are delightful and the space backdrop is a nice touch. For fans of science fiction and fantasy, the Moonshot movie will be an interesting watch. If you like rom-coms, you’ll like this one. Read on to find out why.

The rom-com plot is a welcome change of pace from the typical love story. While the story follows a girl to a Mars colony, it’s refreshing to see something so original. As a sci-fi romantic comedy, Moonshot is a good choice for both kids and adults. The cast is solid, especially Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor. And the cinematography is excellent.

The two main characters, Walt and Sophie, are played by Mason Gooding and Emily Rudd. The latter has a crush on Mason Gooding, while the former has an unrequited love interest in Calvin (played by Zach Braff). The film is a bit predictable, but the duo of Sprouse and Rudd is endearing and funny in the midst of cosmic chaos. However, the movie is a definite hit with its sci-fi elements, and it will appeal to a wide audience.


While the film does feature a strong romantic component, the underlying message is a little less than stellar. While it does feature a believable love story between Sophie and Walt, the romantic aspects of the movie fail to shine. And while the actors play the roles of the two well, their chemistry does not make the film work as well as it could have. There are some genuinely moving scenes in the film that make the story worth watching.

The film is unoriginal and predictable. While Sprouse and Condor are great, the film’s tone is essentially one of lightness. A somber future is a beautiful, but bleak one. There’s no way to find the love of your life in the present. But you’ll have plenty of time to think about it after the film’s ending. It’s a wonderful, fun sci-fi rom-com that’s not overly predictable.

The visuals of Moonshot are stunning. It’s reminiscent of Disney Channel Original Movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. The movie embraces neon lighting, contrasting colors, and charming set designs. It’s a Pinterest-perfect version of space travel. In addition to the gorgeous visuals, the film’s script is smart and enjoyable. Unlike the Disney channel original movie, Moonshot is a fun, entertaining, and educational film.

Despite its engrossing performances, Moonshot is a rom-com in space. Its cheesy dialogue and a sloppy plot are distracting. Nonetheless, the movie’s wholesome romance makes for a fun and heartwarming film. Definitely watch it if you enjoy space-themed movies. Its soundtrack is also a must-see. But be careful, this film will make you laugh.


The movie’s premise is interesting: a barista assistant with a dream of reaching Mars is obsessed with his mission. After applying to 30 different Kovi space programs, he falls for future astronaut Ginny, who is already an astronaut. The two fall in love, and eventually, he and Ginny marry on Mars. But he has a boyfriend on Mars. It’s a fun ride, but beware of a few pitfalls.

Though it is a rom-com with a romance, Moonshot does not convey the illusion of space travel. Its stale CGI shots interrupt the film’s momentum. It also seems to have a lot of a post-production budget to insert holograms into every shot. The set design of Moonshot is very pleasing. It has purple neon lights and futuristic artificial intelligence, and the inhabitants wear teal space suits with orange detailing.

The film isn’t a good rom-com. While it does have a twist, it’s not very memorable. Its muted colors and a love story that isn’t very deep don’t make for a good film. While it’s not romantic, it is a fun, fast-paced movie. So, if you’re looking for a rom-com, look no further than Moonshot.



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