Sonic Hedgehog 2 Movie Review

The sequel to the original Sonic the Hedgehog is much like the first. The story is much the same, but with a few changes, and the same heart and energy. Schwartz’s Sonic is back, as is Colleen O’Shaughnessey’s Tails. Sega and Paramount brought the franchise back to the big screen and did a fantastic job. While the CG design was a nice touch, it wasn’t enough to save the movie.

Sonic Hedgehog 2 Movie Review

The film’s high-speed chases and poor judgment are typical for a reboot of the franchise, but this time the story is grounded in an emotionally engaging story. Although the movie’s story is less complex than its predecessor, director Todd Fowler’s visual effects are impressive. After winning an Academy Award for the 2004 animated rodent short “Gopher Broke,” Fowler is a veteran of digital animation and he has no trouble integrating CG characters with human actors. The film’s main character, Sonic, is a fun and sarcastic teenager obsessed with pop culture. He busts some moves to old-school hip-hop, which is a welcome change from the blandness of the previous movie.

The movie has a standard plot and features some interesting characters. A new version of Tails joins the hero and tries to capture the Master Emerald, which is controlled by Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey). Jim Carrey just came out and said he will be retiring unfortunately after this movie. The evil robot is held captive on the Mushroom Planet, and Sonic must find a way to free him. In this new sequel, Tails also makes an appearance. It’s a great story, but it has a few flaws.

The cast is excellent. James Marsden and Ben Schwartz play the lovable, fatherly echidnas. They are both brilliant as the protagonists. Despite being a bit more serious than their original, the movie is still very funny and worth a watch. There’s no doubt that the audience will love it. The movie is a must-see for fans of the Sega Genesis games.

 While some fans might prefer the original version, there are no surprises in this one. Jeff Fowler is a great director and doesn’t attempt to mimic the manic style of the original series. Jim Carrey plays the evil Dr. Robotnik. Despite his familiar voice, the actor is still good as the evil Dr. Robotnik. This is one of the only film in the franchise that makes me laugh.

The new movie continues the story of the original Sonic. It has a new origin for the Hedgehog, and the teen characters are likable and fun. The lovable and witty Knuckles and Tails are good as the main characters. The film is a bit of a mixed bag, but the action is fun and the humor is great. The gang’s relationship with the robot is also a highlight.


In the first film, the titular hedgehog is a fish out of water. But the sequel is a different story. In the new movie, Sonic is a superhero. His powers are legendary. He can fly at supersonic speeds, and he is a champion of law enforcement. As “Blue Justice,” he’s doing an awful job. However, he needs time to grow. That’s the key to the success of the film.

While the first Sonic the Hedgehog was a great success, this sequel is even better. It has the same blend of fun for kids, nostalgia for long-time fans, and the same cast and crew. But it’s not perfect. It’s too long. There are still some elements that aren’t very good, and the movie isn’t really worth watching. There are no bad jokes, and the plot isn’t a longtime.

While there are a few flaws in this sequel, the film’s frantic pace and entertaining interplay between Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles will keep the family entertained for a long time. While it lacks a witty script, it’s still worth a watch. It’s an enjoyable movie for families. But, it’s definitely not as good as the first, and there’s no real reason to expect much from it. Jim Carrey just came out and said he will be retiring unfortunately after this movie.


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