Will Smith Resigns From the Academy

Will Smith Resigns from the academy

Will Smith resigned from the Academy after he was slapped Chris Rock inappropriately at the Oscars. According to a statement from the academy, the actor is under a 15-days notice to leave the organization. In case of further disciplinary action, the board may decide to take further action at its next meeting. “Uninvited physical contact with a member of the public is never appropriate,” the statement reads.

The Academy has accepted Will Smith’s resignation, but he will not be able to vote in the next Oscar race. He can still receive a nomination; membership is not required. The controversy stems from Smith’s storming the stage after last Sunday’s Oscar ceremony and slapping comedian Chris Rock for a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. In response to the scandal, the Academy says that the incident violates its code of conduct.


According to the statement, Will Smith will not be able to vote in the Academy Awards, but he can still be nominated for them, attend them, and keep the statue he won. The formal review process will continue for Rock. The academy has said that it will decide on his future, but it will have a hearing April 18. The decision is still up to the board. While the disciplinary process is underway, it is important to remember that Smith was only suspended from his position for a month because of his inappropriate behavior.

Although Smith is a former member of the Academy, his exclusion is not final. He may still be nominated in the future despite the ban. The Academy’s members are not required to be members. Moreover, Smith could still receive a nomination even if he isn’t a member. The decision isn’t final, but the situation is far from over. So, if you’re wondering what’s next for the star, stay tuned.

Having a good time at an Oscar ceremony is vital to everyone. The event has become more popular than ever before, and Will Smith has been a big part of it. Whether he’s on the Academy’s board or not is up to the Academy. It is a good time to watch films, especially if they’re being produced by people who don’t like what they’re doing.


While Smith isn’t a member of the Academy, he was a long-standing member. The Academy’s Standards of Conduct prohibit presenting awards to the best-dressed women of the year. The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that Rock declined to press charges and the actress resigned after the allegations were revealed. This is a serious blow for Hollywood, and will hurt the reputation of the academy, but it’s also an important step for the industry.


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