Better Call Saul: Season 5 Plots, Characters, and Stars

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Better Call Saul: Season 5 Released on February 23, 2020 on Netflix. There will be 10 episodes. Each episode will run approximately 47 minutes. Read on to find out what to expect from the fifth season. Also, be sure to check out the cast list! Below, we’ll discuss the episodes’ plots, characters, and stars. We hope this guide will help you enjoy the show even more!


Episodes of Better Call Saul

If you’ve been waiting for Better Call Saul to return, you’re in luck. The fifth season drop on Netflix and you can stream it now! You’ll be able to watch all ten episodes, which are 47 minutes long. The season premiere was a bittersweet moment for fans of the show. Jimmy McGill – played by Bob Odenkirk – and Kim – were in a tense situation, as they were planning to take down Howard Hamlin, played by Patrick Fabian. Jimmy, meanwhile, escaped an assassination attempt by Nacho, played by Anthony Dalton. It was a tough ending, but thankfully the show continues to grow.



As Better Call Saul nears its finale, fans are wondering how the events of Season 5 will affect the story of Breaking Bad. While Bryan Cranston has indicated that he would like to reprise his role as Walter White, he hasn’t revealed when he plans to do so. There are several standout plot arcs this season, including one where Jimmy fakes the death of Lalo to secure the $7 million that Lalo is owed. This episode also marks the first time Jimmy has left his shop and traveled to the desert to retrieve Lalo’s bail money. In addition to the murder of Lalo, he also encounters a new gang member, Krazy-8, who he mistakenly believes was a friend of his. Moreover, Jimmy and Kim are both caught in a conflict between Gus and Lalo.



“Better Call Saul” is a crime drama television series created by David Simon. In this season, Gus briefs Peter and Lydia and attempts to recruit Jimmy for his criminal law practice. Then, Jimmy destroys Howard’s car, a luxury vehicle with a vanity plate of NAMAST3. Later, Jimmy uses the information that Mike gave him to win a lawsuit against the bank. His camera crew also creates publicity for his practice by faking a confrontation with Deputy District Attorney Oakley. Meanwhile, Lalo and Juan Bolsa are suspicious of Saul but accept his cover story.

Meanwhile, Kim must deal with her personal demons, Jimmy’s decision to turn to Saul, and the cartel’s violent escapades. She must also balance ferocity and grace. Meanwhile, she must also deal with the ramifications of her decision to marry Jimmy. In order to save her family, she must fight her own personal demons and confront her past. The show is not without its moments of heartache and remorse, but it’s still not a happy ending for Jimmy.



Fans had eagerly awaited the release of Better Call Saul Season 5 with eager anticipation. The show, which is based on the true story of the late lawyer Bobby Sands, is an entertaining and thought-provoking thriller. The star-studded cast includes Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Tom Wilkinson, and Kevin Bacon. They were also seen receiving COVID vaccinations from one another in advance of the show’s premiere.

The fifth season of Better Call Saul will feature the return of several characters from the hit AMC series Breaking Bad. The return of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White is exciting news for fans, as they both appeared in the last season. They have both expressed interest in returning to the series and have confirmed their involvement.


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