Suicide Squad 2 Review

suicide squad 2 review

The team that returns for this sequel has the same mission to stop the evil Dolls, but this time, they are tasked with a mission that seems impossible. The plot revolves around the fallout from a South American coup, and the infamous Nazi fortress known as Jotunheim. The fortress is a former Nazi facility with a history of dictatorship and experimentation, which makes the story that much more interesting. Suicide Squad has a leash around each member’s neck, complete with a detonator embedded into their brain. While this may sound like a dangerous job, it is one that is rewarded by American political interests.


Suicide Squad features some comedic violence and occasional visual flair, such as a fight scene depicted by a reflection in one of the characters’ helmets. With its 132-minute running time, it’s hard to believe that the film could be so intense. But if you can look past the overacting and crude language, it’s a riot. However, for the sake of fun, the film isn’t for the faint of heart.

In terms of plot, the Suicide Squad sequel is better than the first one. It adds new characters like Rick Flag, Harley Quinn, and the Peacemaker. But the most memorable moments come from the cast. The movie also features Sylvester Stallone’s voice as King Shark, which takes a shot at the big themes. The film also indicts government deception. The villains are also more believable than the original version, with Amanda Waller emerging as the coldest villain yet.

This sequel has a few flaws. The film’s pacing isn’t exactly perfect, but it’s a lot better than its predecessor. It runs about two hours and twelve minutes and has a post-credits scene that will make you laugh. This movie is still far from perfect, but it does deliver the action you’re looking for. While it isn’t perfect, it’s not bad.


The cast of “Suicide Squad” is a ragtag bunch of ne’er-do-wells and villains assembled by the government. Viola Davis plays the lovable Amanda Waller, the leader of Task Force X. She is one of the film’s most likable characters and is the film’s biggest flaw. The movie has a lot of action and is enjoyable.

“The Suicide Squad 2” is a sequel to David Ayer’s 2016 film. It’s the follow-up to the “Suicide Squad” that was so popular in 2016. It’s the same story, with new members of the gang. In the first movie, the team is a group of hardcore prisoners. The group is assigned to take out the evil Jotunheim lab. The Squad is led by Bloodsport, a reluctant leader, and the other members include Peacemaker and Harley Quinn. Ultimately, the only survivor is Thinker, a mysterious U.S. government official played by Viola Davis.


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