The Truth About Moon Fall

Moon fall

What causes the Moon to fall? The orbital radius of Earth and the Moon are closely tied. But a mysterious force is knocking the moon out of its orbit and sending it on a collision course with Earth. An executive at NASA teams up with a conspiracy theorist to investigate the situation. The two uncover a vast conspiracy that could cause the Moon to crash into Earth. But will the Earth be spared? And will NASA cover up the fact?

Earth-moon system

The fate of the Moon depends on what mechanism removes it from Earth. If it is drawn toward Earth, it would eventually end up in the Sun. But if we geo-engineer the Earth and Moon system to keep them apart, it could occur. But how? Let’s explore this hypothetical scenario. Here’s an animation that helps you understand it. But do we really need to geo-engineer the moon?

Using the lunar mean density and rotational signature of the Moon, we can estimate the size of the impactor’s core at approximately 25% of the original Moon’s radius. The Moon’s gravity is much weaker than the Earth’s, so it would be difficult to recapture the debris in a high-energy impact. In addition, the debris discs produced in the collisions with other stars are consistent with the leading theory of Solar System formation.


Earth’s orbital radius

The Moon’s gravitational pull increases the tides on the Earth. The side of the Earth facing the Moon feels more gravity than the side facing away from the Moon. This stretch causes parts of the Earth to stick out from the center of the planet. Though the distortion is only a few centimeters, it’s enough to notice the difference in the ocean tides. Whether the effect is real or not is unclear.

Impacts on Earth

The impact of the Moon’s gravity on the Earth is immense and causes the tides to rise and fall twice per day. Even though the sun also contributes to tides, the moon’s increasing proximity to the Earth leads to increased lunar gravitational pull. This gravitational pull could cause massive floods on Earth. The film Moonfall shows the massive flooding of Los Angeles as a result of the Moon’s impact on the Earth’s tides.

The film delved into actual science and conspiracy theories to create the effect of Moonfall on the Earth. In the movie, a lunar body falls in an elliptical orbit, getting smaller until the doomsday moment. In order to create a realistic simulation of such a disaster, Emmerich’s team consulted scientists in the field. However, the science consultants who consulted on the film changed their models to avoid any conflict with actual science.


NASA cover-up

If you are looking for the truth about the moon fall, you’ve probably come across the film “Moonfall” directed by Roland Emmerich. Starring Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson, Moonfall chronicles the events that occurred on Earth when the crew of the space shuttle Endeavor was attacked by a mechanical swarm. One astronaut died and the space shuttle was severely damaged. While Brian Harper is blamed for the death of his crewman, he is actually guilty of a cover-up.

As a result of the alleged NASA cover-up, Moonfall has received widespread acclaim. It stars Halle Berry as a NASA executive who drags the retired space shuttle from retirement. While the plot of the movie has many plot points in common with the Apollo 11 lunar landing, conspiracy theorists point to other omissions in the agency’s history. In the movie, the omission of two minutes of footage from Apollo 11 is a central theme.



The human race constructed many megastructures during the intergalactic war, and one of these was the Moon. The moon was supposed to seed the DNA of planets, ushering in a new era of mankind. However, one moon managed to survive the swarm’s attack and this was the Earth’s moon, which incubated mankind and nurtured it. As a result, humanity was forced to take the risk of destruction, and only the moon survived.

The Moon fall trailer begins with the onset of the disaster on the shuttle Endeavor is in orbit when a mysterious alien phenomenon arrives. This unexpected event sends the space shuttle into a spin, sending one member of the crew into space. Because only one crew member survived the incident, astronaut Brian Harper is blamed for the catastrophe. Unlike his co-worker, Jocinta Fowler, Harper is reprimanded and loses his career, marriage, and his relationship with his young son.


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