The Cast of West World Season 4 Revealed

West World Season 4

There are many reasons to watch West World Season 4. The cast is diverse, but there are a few mainstays you should know. Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, and Tessa Thompson all seem like great candidates for the lead role. But, with so many new characters, how can you keep up with everything? If you’re like me, you’ve been a little confused by all the buzz.


Evan Rachel Wood

HBO’s Westworld has been renewed for a fourth season, but what does this mean for fans? The show has been delayed several times since its premiere, including the recent COVID-19 test. While some fans were disappointed by this, others were elated. The actors also discussed their favorite parts of season three and season four, as well as what they hope to see in the fourth season. Be sure to watch this video to find out more about the new season.

The Westworld universe is a complex place and characters can die and be uploaded into another unit. Evan Rachel Wood, who played Dolores, will return as a Westworld agent who is sent to the island. The series is set in the future and has a rich history. The show’s characters are sent to live in a series that can be very violent. However, the characters that are on Westworld aren’t only incredibly realistic; they’re also quite terrifying.

Thandie Newton

Thandie Newton will star in HBO’s Westworld Season 4. The series, based on Michael Crichton’s 1973 feature film, is a dark odyssey about the future of artificial consciousness and the nature of sin. Newton will play the role of Maeve Millay, a Westworld madame with a knack for survival. In the first season, she played a cowboy park madame.

Thandie Newton began portraying Maeve Millay in Westworld in 2016. She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. She also narrated the BBC One documentary Bill Cosby: Fall of an American Icon and starred as DCI Roseanne “Roz” Huntley in Line of Duty’s fourth season. Newton was also nominated for a BAFTA TV Award for Best Actress in 2016.


Ed Harris

In a recent roundtable discussion at the Paley Center for Media, showrunner Jonathan Nolan revealed a few details about the upcoming fourth season. The season 3 finale revealed that Ed Harris’ William has been killed and replaced by a host controlled by Halores, a version of Tessa Thompson’s character Dolores. The new season will also explore William’s relationship with the version of Dolores, played by Charlotte Hale.

The new season will also include a new cast member: Aurora Perrineau, best known for her role in the critically acclaimed film Prodigal Son. This actress will be appearing in five episodes. However, there is no word on whether she will return as the Man in Black. The first season had no idea what to expect, and fans are already anxiously awaiting the show’s return. In the meantime, Westworld is going to introduce new worlds and characters.


Tessa Thompson

The fourth season of HBO’s acclaimed science fiction drama, Westworld, will feature a new actress. Tessa Thompson is a star on many television shows and has recently joined the cast as Charlotte Hale, a character from the first two seasons. In the new season, she will play an instigator, and will join the cast of star Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, and Thandie Newton.

Before she joined the cast of West World, Thompson was part of a small, mysterious group. She appeared in an episode of the hit CW drama, Hidden Palms, where she played Nikki Barnes. She also appeared in the dance film Make it Happen, opposite Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Thompson also guest starred on Life, Private Practice, and Heroes. She has also been spotted in films such as “Avatar.”


Rodrigo Santoro

Known for his role as Hector Escaton in HBO’s hit sci-fi drama, Rodrigo Santoro was born in Petropolis, Brazil. His parents are an artist and an engineer. His mother is Maria Jose Junqueira dos Reis and his father is Francesco Santoro. He is the fifth of eight children and has been acting and producing films for nearly 30 years.

While the main character of Westworld is Jimmi Simpson, Santoro plays several other characters as well. He played Hector Escaton in the first two seasons, and then appeared as a guest in season three. While it is still unknown whether he will return in season four, fans can look forward to see him and the other cast members in a few more episodes. Other cast members include Katja Herbers, Clifton Collins Jr., and Jimmi Simpson.


Luke Hemsworth

Luke Hemsworth, the actor who plays Ashley Stubbs in HBO’s sci-fi series Westworld, was born on 5 November 1980. Previously, he starred in Neighbours and Kill Me Three Times, before landing the role of the eponymous host in the upcoming season of Westworld. He is also the brother of Liam and Chris Hemsworth.

The actor is a black belt in taekwondo and used it in an episode of the hit HBO drama. Hemsworth recently broke his bicep and was recovering from surgery when he was injured on the set of Westworld. Hemsworth explains his injury in full, as well as why he had to change the fight scene against the security team of the Delos, a fictional world that has been created to simulate a real-world fight situation.

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