Yellowstone-Series Review

YellowstoneSeries Review

In our Yellowstone-Series Review, we take a closer look at this Western drama currently streaming on Peacock. We rate it for its humor, plot, and quality of storytelling. It will appeal to Southerners and Western drama buffs alike, but it may be more difficult to take seriously than classics. Let us know what you thought! Then, leave us a comment in the comments below!


Kevin Costner

In this review, we’ll examine how well the first episode of the Yellowstone-Series fares. The series follows the Dutton family, who own the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. But as the Duttons begin to face challenges and dangers, the series quickly veers into politics and ethnic politics. But Costner’s performance, and the natural talent of the cast, are its strengths.

While the setting is set in Wyoming, Yellowstone is not set there. In fact, the show is set in Montana. Although the national park is located primarily in Wyoming, Yellowstone is mostly set in Wyoming. The series follows the Dutton family in their quest to discover a buried treasure. Their father, Lee Dutton, has a rather grumpy personality. The son, Jamie Dutton, wants to gain his father’s approval – and he ends up getting yelled at for it. The only Dutton character that is likable is Kayce Dutton, who is married to Monica (Kelsey Asbille).


Taylor Sheridan

While this is Taylor Sheridan’s first TV show, it’s also the Paramount Network’s first drama series. The Oscar-nominated writer and director have carved out a niche for themselves in the world of television. They have a knack for spotting locations that don’t necessarily lend themselves to duds. But Yellowstone, the first in a promising new franchise, has many things going for it that make it one of the best shows to air on TV.

Season two of the Yellowstone-Series is testosterone-driven and rife with horses, guns, and dynamite. While the series’ dialogue consists mostly of jokes and discussion about what it means to be a man, it isn’t without its share of sex. One of the Dutton brothers, Jamie, is a family lawyer who wears a suit. His hair is immaculate and he’s a possible gay man. Beth threatens to reveal his sexuality and Jamie Dutton admits to being gay.

Despite the fact that the series has received mixed reviews, the massive ratings it has attracted have kept the network’s parent company, NBC, interested in its success. The show’s producers signed a deal with NBC’s Peacock network to stream new episodes and full seasons. The show consistently draws more than ten million viewers each episode. The series is not the first to do so. And if the ratings are any indication, it will be a hit.

Despite Yellowstone’s evocative and philosophical musings, it does share some similarities with the current HBO “prestige” drama Succession. Both are deeply perverse family dramas that supposedly are based on the Murdoch media empire. The series revolves around the power of a powerful father, multiple less-than-admirable sons, and one strawberry-blond, sharp-tongued daughter. It also features several rivalry-ridden siblings and a family that guards its assets.



The popular series follows the Dutton family on a controversial ranch that borders Yellowstone National Park. Star Kevin Costner, the series explores the issues surrounding land management, rural-urban tensions, and the relationships between local stakeholders and big government. This fictional setting also highlights real ranchers throughout the Mountain West. Publicists claim that the series is “cable’s largest drama.”

Season four was shot entirely in Montana. The cast of the show filmed the show in Montana at the Chief Joseph Ranch, located near Darby, Montana. In fact, the Dutton family’s log cabin was a 5,000-square-foot mansion. The ranch is currently booked with guests but will welcome new guests in 2021. The actors previously appeared together on American Horror Story: Season four. The cast of the show has been making their home in Montana for nearly a decade. The show is also one of Paramount’s biggest productions, earning millions of viewers and high ratings.


The Dutton family

The head of the Dutton family in the Yellowstone-series is played by Kevin Costner. He is a grandfather and father who was married twice, the first time while he was still in college. He has three children, Annie, Lily and Joe, who are all in their 30s and 40s. In the first season of the series, the Dutton family was in mourning as Lee, the oldest son of John Dutton, was shot by Kayce’s brother-in-law Robert Long, who was trying to get cattle back from the Broken Rock Reservation.



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