The Bad Guys Movie Review

The Bad Guys movie review

This animated film is a heist story with a family side. In this movie review, I will discuss whether this film is worth your time. Unlike other animated films, this one does not fall flat. I highly recommend watching it! Here are some of the movie’s major positive points and negatives. We’ll also talk about some of the movie’s weak points.

The Bad Guys is an animated DreamWorks film

Critics have praised the movie’s look and sound, describing it as “a comic-book adventure.” The film’s style is a lighter tone and more cartoony style. For families, The Bad Guys is a great movie to watch with younger children. While it does have some mature themes, it is a fun family movie.


“The Bad Guys” is an animated feature film directed by Pierre Perifel. It is loosely based on the Aaron Blabey book series, with the latter serving as an executive producer. It stars Sam Rockwell, Marc Maron, Anthony Ramos, Craig Robinson, Lilly Singh, and Zazie Beetz. The film’s synopsis is below. It is set for release on April 22, 2022, and has received mostly positive reviews.

It’s a heist story with a family side

The animated film “The Bad Guys” is a delightful departure from the usual heist tale, staying within the boundaries of the genre while still delivering plenty of thrills. It stars Sam Rockwell, Craig Robinson, Marc Maron, Zazie Beets, and Awkwafina. Rated PG, the film opens in theaters Friday, April 22.

The plot revolves around a group of criminals who are captured after a heist gone wrong. The group must now prove themselves to be good citizens, and they need Professor Marmalade’s help to accomplish this. With the help of Professor Marmalade, the criminals will be able to fool the world into thinking they’ve turned into good guys.


Richard Ayoade’s role as Maurice Moss earned him a BAFTA award. He was also cast in the critically acclaimed thriller The Double and the coming-of-age comedy Submarine. The film also stars Richard Ayoade as the voice of Diane Foxington. Ayoade is an English actor and filmmaker. After winning the BAFTA award for his role in IT Crowd, he went on to direct The Bad Guys and The Double.

It’s an adventure

It’s an adventure with the Bad Guys, a fun comedy about thieves and heists. The title refers to the heist that takes place during the movie. The team must avoid getting caught by the police and the security in order to complete their mission. The storyline follows the characters as they plan to steal the Golden Dolphin and the Good Samaritan Awards symbol. A car chase and some smarm are a few of the humours in this film.


The film’s cast includes former DreamWorks animator Pierre Perifel, who worked on the Kung Fu Panda films. Ross, a producer on The Boss Baby, is also involved in the project. The Bad Guys is the feature film debut of Rebecca Huntley, who was previously an associate producer on the hit television show. The film is also executive produced by Etan Cohen, who was behind the acclaimed horror-comedy Tropic Thunder.

It’s not perfect

Although The Bad Guys doesn’t deliver on every level, it is certainly a lot of fun. The movie is like a kid-friendly version of Ocean’s Eleven, with a youthful visual style and decent action. The car chase sequence is arguably more exciting than the one in the Fast & Furious films. The film’s snappy dialogue and voice acting keep the movie humming along. The movie also has a great disregard for common sense and logic.


The Bad Guys feature memorable characters. But as the story progresses, the movie’s heroes become more interesting. The Bad Guys movie isn’t perfect, but it’s a good watch for anyone who loves Pixar films.


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