Under the Banner of Heaven – Who Killed Brenda Wright Lafferty?


Who Killed Brenda Wright Laffertay? is an upcoming series written and directed by Oscar-winner Dustin Lance Black. The true story of two brothers’ murder of their sister-in-law, Brenda Lafferty, is told in a harrowing fashion. In addition to slitting Brenda’s throat, the brothers also killed her 15-month-old daughter, Erica.

Ron Lafferty

The first episode of Under the Banner of Heaven is all about a family, and the tragic murder of two young girls. Two bearded men who claimed to be prophets killed an infant girl in her crib. Now, these crimes have been largely forgotten, and the streets of American Fork are quiet. However, the stories of Brenda and Erica Lafferty and the death of their parents continue to haunt some residents.


After being excommunicated from the Mormon Church, Ron Lafferty joined a polygamist cult, called the School of Prophets. According to the group’s website, Ron Lafferty claimed to have received divine revelations and had the authority to kill people who opposed the Church of Jesus Christ. The two men had five children and a large family, but their relationship had gone sour. They had a violent dispute with each other and had become angry and resentful.

Dan Lafferty

During the 1984 murder of Brenda Wright Lafferty, her husband, Dan Lafferty, and their 15-month-old daughter, Erica, the family was terrorized by a mysterious killer. The story became a famous one, and the movie American Monster: Band of Brothers has shed light on the case. The show stars Andrew Garfield as Jeb Peyre and Daisy Edgar-Jones as Brenda Wright Lafferty. In the first two episodes of the series, no one knew who killed the Laffertys.

A few months after Ron received the news of Brenda’s removal, he decided to carry out the plan. He drove to her apartment in American Fork, Utah, and killed her. He was joined by drifters Charles Carnes and Richard Knapp who waited in his getaway car. Dan and Ron then beat Brenda, strangled her with a vacuum cord, and then sliced her throat with a knife.


Ron Lafferty’s relationship with Warren Lafferty

The case of the Lafferty slayings in 1984 involved fundamentalist Mormons Dan and Ron Lafferty. Ron Lafferty was accused of murdering his wife and 15-month-old daughter while they were away. He claimed to have received a revelation from God. His relationship with Warren Lafferty was troubled and he resorted to extreme measures to protect his family.

The book Under the Banner of Heaven: A Mormon Murderer’s Story by Jon Krakauer has received widespread praise. It is a compelling account of the Lafferty brothers’ lives and the violence they committed. In Jon Krakauer’s book Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith, Lafferty and Warren Lafferty were once mainstream Mormons who had flirted with fundamentalism.

Dan Lafferty’s relationship with Warren Lafferty

The murder case against Ron and Warren Lafferty is an unsettling chapter in the Mormon religion. Both brothers were raised in the Mormon church. Their father was a violent man who beat his family and clubbed the family dog to death. Despite this, the brothers were devoted churchgoers. They were also dedicated husbands and fathers. In fact, the Lafferty brothers became close to each other, and Dan Lafferty became close to his brother, Ron. However, as the years passed, the Lafferty brothers began to have issues with the Mormon church and polygamy. When Dan accidentally shot himself, he did not go to the emergency room.


When Jon Krakauer wrote Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith, he focused on fanatics, and Dan and Ron Lafferty were no different. Both men were married in 1984 and had taken several wives. They also defended their brothers’ wives. And Dan and Ron Lafferty murdered their sister-in-law and her infant child, with little remorse.

Ron Lafferty’s claim of a revelation from God to kill Brenda Wright Lafferty

Under the Banner of Heaven is a novel about two brothers, Ron and Dan Lafferty, who claimed that God had told them to kill their mother, Brenda Wright Lafferty, in 1984. While growing up in a strict Mormon family, Ron and Dan embraced their new religion and the fundamentalist philosophy. They believe that they were following a divine revelation, which led them to kill Brenda and their 15-month-old daughter, Erica.


In April 1984, Dan Lafferty’s brother Dan and sister-in-law Brenda Lafferty persuaded their father to kill Brenda and his wife, Erica, for refusing to marry them. When Ron’s wife refused to marry him, she moved to Florida with their baby daughter. Although the family was very close, Ron and Dan suspected that Brenda was trying to sway their father. They allegedly killed both of them, including Erica, on Pioneer Day.


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