Legion Show Review

Legion Show Review

In this Legion Show Review, I’m going to cover the pros and cons of the sci-fi mutant show. First and foremost, this show takes itself too seriously. While it features a nonlinear storyline and a magical do-over machine, I found it difficult to follow. And because the characters are essentially anthropomorphic mutants, the series does have a strong feminist message. If you’re wondering what makes this series different from other television shows and movies, read on!


Legion is a sci-fi mutant show

If you’ve been looking for a sci-fi mutant show, look no further than Legion. Starring a cast of multi-dimensional, intelligent mutants, Legion is a show that is as unique as its cast members. Although the show is based on a sci-fi concept, its execution is surprisingly grounded in reality. The show’s visuals, for instance, are impressively dense. The series’ world-building is impressive as well. Its opening montage, which begins with the birth of David, ends with a glowing candle and David hanging from a noose.

It takes itself too seriously

The Legion Show takes itself too seriously. It’s a highly intense drama, and it can be hard to keep it interesting for more than one episode. The show often feels a bit clumsy, though. It jumps between genres and is often confusing in its aesthetic. Despite the fact that this is a major FX show, it’s easy to see why it’s received so poorly.


It has a non-linear story

The Legion Show has an interesting narrative structure. The series follows a man named David (Dan Stevens), who is in a mental institution suffering from schizophrenia. He has a best friend, Lenny, who helps him escape. When Syd Barrett (Rachel Keller) shows up at the mental hospital, David falls in love with her and begins to question his sanity. In a twisted twist, David’s newfound freedom is threatened, but he continues to stay on the side of David.

It uses a magical do-over machine

The final season of Noah Hawley’s ambitious FX drama “Legions” is dominated by time travel. The titular character, David, uses the machine to “fix” mistakes in the past, and the series uses it to its advantage, allowing viewers to relive certain moments while risking the attack of a time demon. But there’s one problem with time travel: it’s not as comprehensible as a storyline.


It uses Aubrey Plaza as a star

In “Legion,” Aubrey Plaza plays Lenny Bucker, the stoner best friend of our hero, David Haller. Lenny is the comic relief to the show’s complex hero, Dan Stevens. The role might seem rather basic, and you might wonder if Plaza is wasting her talent. The answer is not as simple as you may think.

The Legion Show has a great cast. The show’s main characters are all real people with genuine human motivations. It never becomes too frustrating and the payoffs are frequent. It also has an excellent cast, with Aubrey Plaza and Bill Irwin proving their abilities. Let’s break down what makes the Legion Show a must-see. Here are three reasons why. Read on to learn more about the cast.


It has a great costume designer

The costumes on the new FX show Legion are truly stunning. The show’s production designer, Michael Wylie, has worked on several films including Agent Carter and Masters of Sex. He interviewed for the job in November of 2015, and by January 2016 was already in Vancouver preparing for the pilot. Almost everything you see on the show is a product of his work. To find out more, read the interview below.


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