Rebel Wilson Talks ‘Good Revenge’

Rebel Wilson talks good revenge

In the latest episode of the show Rebel Wilson Talks ‘Good Revenge,’ Rebel talks about how she acted out of vengeance on a high school teacher. She confesses that her revenge was a “bad one.” But, she also admits that she is a good student, despite having a cheeky side. Read on to learn about her high school life, which may surprise you.

Rebel Wilson says she was cheeky in high school

Rebel Wilson is a self-proclaimed good student and basketball captain from her high school years. But she says she was a “little bit cheeky” as well. In fact, she says that she once locked a mean teacher in a cupboard and got away with it. In her new Netflix comedy “Senior Year,” she admits that she was a little cheeky in high school.

In fact, she claims she was very cheeky in her teen years. Her pranks were clever enough that she didn’t get caught – but her classmates helped her pull it off. It didn’t stop there. When she was younger, she was a top student, and she eventually went on to attend a prestigious law school. But she wasn’t always that way. During high school, she also liked to play pranks on teachers, and she revealed that she once lured a mean teacher into a cupboard with something he didn’t want to see.


She had a year of health in 2016

While she’s not one to boast about her weight loss, Rebel Wilson had a great year of health in 2016. The actress, who is a registered dietitian, adopted the Mayr Method, a diet that recommends that you chew food for 40 to 60 seconds before swallowing. This diet also reduces your intake of sugar and caffeine. Wilson also ate fewer calories and increased her protein intake.

The star’s success in losing weight is encouraging, as it shows that the right mindset is crucial to getting into shape. Rebel Wilson stopped counting calories and instead started counting dietary fiber to lose weight. Emotional and stress eating are two common causes of excess pounds and inches. She also updated her weight target, which is now 75 kilograms, or 165 pounds. Her determination is a testament to the power of positivity and self-love.


She is working on a new TV show

It’s hard to believe that the acclaimed actress is stepping into a comedy role again. After starring in the Oscar-nominated comedy “Pitch Perfect” alongside Scarlett Johansson, Rebel Wilson is preparing for a new TV show. While the show’s plot is a little absurd, Wilson is certainly up for the challenge. While “Bridesmaids” may not be a perfect vehicle for her comedic skills, it’s a nice way to start her career.

The actress is set to star in the Netflix Original film Senior Year. She will play a high school cheerleader who wakes up from a 20-year coma and goes back to high school to win back her popularity and the prom queen title. The show will be released on Netflix in March 2022, around the time that Wilson’s animal-based series is set to premiere. But before she gets to that project, we must first learn about the upcoming projects she is working on.


She is a good student but also cheeky

Star Rebel Wilson has a secret: she was a raging mischief maker in high school. At a recent press event to promote her new Netflix comedy “Senior Year”, the actress showed a yearbook from 25 years ago. Despite being a “good student” at an elite Australian law school, Wilson admits that she played pranks on teachers and even made one of her teachers cry.

Rebel Wilson is a good student, a trait that’s evident in her schoolwork. In fact, she ranked second in her class and was the deputy head girl. During this time, her classmates weren’t ratting her out, and the school yearbook was printed with a picture of her playing the handbells and singing “Happy Birthday.”


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