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Horizon Forbidden West

Developed by Guerilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game set in 2022. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic Western U.S. after a plague has taken over the land. Using the same characters and locations from the previous Horizon Zero Dawn game, this one will be set even further into the future. Players will have to save the world from a deadly plague that has swept the region.


The characters in Horizon Forbidden West are a fascinating mix of old and new. The game’s diverse cast consists of several notable characters. Some are new to the franchise, while others are returning to reprise their roles. Whether they are supporting characters or antagonists, they all contribute to the game’s strong story and atmosphere. Here are a few notable ones. The main character of the game is Aloy. She’s the most powerful machine hunter in the game, and her drive to save humanity makes her stand out in a crowd.


A new character in the Horizon series is Tilda, a mysterious warrior with the same personality as Sylens. The two women will play an important role in the game’s story. Gerard, a member of the Zeniths who fled to Earth from Nemesis, is also an important player. His goal is to acquire the powerful metal GAIA and terraform a new planet. Although the game doesn’t tell us much about the mysterious king, he is still a powerful enemy.


Worldbuilding in the Horizon Forbidden West is a thoughtful process, with a focus on microcosms of various cultures. Guerrilla Games’ imagination is on full display in many facets of the game, but it can’t quite shake off its racial underpinnings. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your next adventure. Here are some ideas for enhancing the world in the game.


A master class in world building is found in Horizon Forbidden West, which is full of cleverly designed quests and intelligent characters. The game offers over 50 hours of gameplay, with several side quests and stories to follow. In the process, Guerrilla Games firmly establishes themselves as masters of the open world genre. It also looks great on PC. If you’re into a more cinematic game, you might want to skip Horizon Forbidden West and instead try something different.


If you enjoyed the original Horizon, you’ll love the new reimagined version. The new game is filled with new machines, including the mammoth-inspired Tremortusk and the deadly snake-like Slitherfang. They’re freely encountered in the game world and play a crucial role in the story’s progression. Players will experience a deep melee combat system, improved environmental traverse, and human adversaries. Players can use multiple combos and counter-attacks to defeat enemies and unlock new machines. You’ll also discover new biomes that you can explore and hunt.

Although the game is not short, the game is designed for players to play at their own pace. It’s estimated that a single-player campaign could take between twenty and thirty hours, depending on your playstyle. However, if you’re looking to complete the game within a short amount of time, you can expect to spend about 40 to 50 hours. For players who want to take a little longer, they can aim for an 80-100 hour goal.


Side quests

The game’s side quests provide a great opportunity to earn experience and skill points. These missions can also give you unique rewards, including powerful weapons and outfits. The guide below lists each of the Side Quests in Horizon Forbidden West, as well as the recommended levels and starting locations. We’ll also discuss which quests are particularly worthwhile. We’ll also discuss how to complete side quests in the best way possible, ensuring you’ll complete them efficiently.

In addition to their storyline-driven structure, Horizon Forbidden West has a lot of side quests. Some are incredibly long and will take a significant amount of time. Other side quests are great for players looking for more experience, and some are especially suited to their current progression. Here are the three missions you shouldn’t miss out on:

Adaptive triggers

Adaptive triggers in Horizon Forbidd West mimic the sensation of resistance and make combat in the game much more immersive. In the PlayStation 5 version, players can toggle the intensity of vibrations and turn off adaptive triggers when using weapons. Additionally, players can toggle how strong they want their haptic feedback to be. Adaptive triggers also highlight climbable areas within the environment. This game features a lot of different game modes.


PS5 DualSense controllers can also be used in Horizon Forbidden West. The controller includes a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer. The latter can be used to make microadjustments when aiming a shot. The DualSense controller can also be mapped to a second user profile. The game also offers haptic vibrations, which are great for combat and cinematic scenes.


In this sequel to the critically acclaimed Horizon Forbidden East, creator Yu Suzuki takes the plot one step further by going even deeper into its characters’ personalities. Characters in Horizon Forbidden West are all well-rounded and well-developed, with strong voice acting, nuanced animation, and distinct personalities. The story of the Horizon Forbidden West has everything one could hope for from an epic adventure game. Whether or not it lives up to expectations will depend on how much you enjoy the series.


The story in Horizon Forbidden West follows the events of humanity’s terraforming project and climate crisis. The victory of humanity failed to repair the lethal machines that resulted from the terraforming project. In the meantime, the biosphere is decaying and the environment is suffering. The game’s overgrown West Coast, as well as the environment it embodies, are plausible projections of climate change and human destruction of the Earth.


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