James Gunn Defends Chris Pratt Against Backlash And Online Trolls


In a recent interview, James Gunn defended Chris Pratt against the “bullying” backlash aimed at the actor. Pratt was accused of homophobia and “bullying-like” comments, but defended himself against the backlash by bringing in famous co-stars to back him up. Actors like Katherine Schwarzenegger, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey Jr. also stepped up to defend Pratt, and even donated to Obama’s presidential campaign in 2012.


James Gunn’s megachurches have problematic policies regarding LGBTQ+ people

Some people are pointing to a controversial statement made by Hollywood filmmaker James Gunn, in which he refers to Batwoman as “fruit” who needs a straight man to “turn her.” He also calls another male hero “fruit.” The comments came after Gunn was recently tapped to direct Marvel Studio’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie. But what’s the connection between Gunn’s controversial statement and the alleged anti-LGBT policies of his current church?


While Chris Pratt has long been criticized for his religious beliefs, Gunn has defended Pratt in recent months. “As long as Chris Pratt plays Star-Lord, no one will ever replace him,” he said. “We won’t replace Chris Pratt with another homophobic preacher,” Gunn said in an interview in October.

Chris Pratt’s feelings over being accused of homophobia

Following the backlash and online trolls directed at Chris Pratt, director James Gunn has defended the actor. Pratt recently made headlines for reportedly calling out his co-stars for their support. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor was recently criticized for his alleged political and religious views, including his alleged association with an anti-LGBTQ church. The response from other celebrities was heartening.


This latest controversy is an example of the Barbra Streisand effect. In a different situation, the controversy would have quickly died down. But in this case, the controversy has lasted for days. The backlash and criticism have drawn attention to Pratt’s support of LGBTQ+ rights. Gunn responded to the negative backlash by using a bold truth.

Chris Pratt is an unfair target of “cancel culture”

When defending Chris Pratt from the backlash of online trolls, director James Gunn makes it clear that Pratt does not have to hide behind his religion. Many Hollywood stars have come out as gay. Chris Pratt may have met gay people during his time in Hollywood, or he may have been friends with one. In any case, Pratt did not appear to be a homosexual. During the late-2020s, fake tweets surfaced online that contained racist statements and anti-LGBT sentiments. These fake tweets spread and were shared by thousands of Twitter users.


Many celebrities defended Chris Pratt last week after tweets claiming that the actor was an “anti-LGBTQ” supporter. Meanwhile, Zoe Saldana and Robert Downey Jr. also came to Pratt’s defense, noting that he had donated to President Obama’s campaign in 2012.

Chris Pratt isn’t a white supremacist

Recently, Chris Pratt, the star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), has been the target of backlash after being called a white supremacist and a Donald Trump supporter. He has also been called “the worst Chris in Hollywood” and a “Donald Trump supporter.” The backlash has reached such a level that the name of the actor is trending on Twitter for three days. Despite the backlash, Pratt has been a consistent donor to Democratic candidates, including Barack Obama.


As for the backlash, Pratt has faced several challenges in the recent weeks. After Pratt’s tweets were made public, fans began a massive backlash online, with many calling for the actor to be replaced. However, James Gunn, a director of the film, is standing by Pratt and has responded to the backlash and the online trolls.

Pratt, who is a Christian, has been a lightning rod online over his open Christianity. In a Twitter post last weekend, a fan asked her followers which Chris actor they wanted to go to a fundraiser for Senators Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Pratt’s comments about religion were not only insensitive, but also offensive and called into question the traditional notion of a woman being a man’s property.


While many fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy star have been upset that Pratt was not chosen for the role of Star-Lord, Gunn has been defending the actor and his right to perform it. Although Pratt’s background may be controversial, he has proven that he is a superb Star-Lord. Gunn also defended the actress, Amy Berg, who suggested that Pratt replace him with Patrick Wilson because of his background.


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