Marvel’s Punisher Series Continues

Punisher Series

Fans of the Punisher Series have many favorite characters that will never die. Some of these characters include Frank Castle, Wilson Fisk, Karen Page, and Billy Russo. We’ll also look at the history of their characters and their unique talents. So, what is their story? And what can you expect from their new series? Here are some key details about the characters that will make fans fall in love with them! Listed below are some of the characters that will be featured in the Punisher Series.

Frank Castle

Fans of this character may know him best as the vigilante who hunts down murderers in Central Park, but his complicated history has been a source of controversy for the publisher. His trademark skull symbol has also been appropriated by some misguided law enforcement.


The story of the Punisher series focuses on the origin of the title character. The Punisher has changed significantly over the years. Initially a loner, he later became a warlord in the Hand, an ancient ninja clan that was known for being a thorn in the side of Daredevil. This character is known for his brutality, and his twisted ways have made him a highly hated figure, attracting a wide variety of fans.

Wilson Fisk

In the Punisher Series, the character of Wilson Fisk is an outlaw who has a lot to prove. He is too powerful to fail in the criminal world and has to keep many people in line. As a result, he has created a new supervillain, Answer, who helps him fight against the Spider-Man. Fisk also has access to protective clothing. His physical strength is comparable to Batman’s.

His personality is atypical for the character, who has been known as a murderous crime boss. Though he has shown compassion on some occasions, he is still ruthless in his dealings. In one episode, he orders his lieutenant to kill a subordinate for failing to steal a million dollars from his business. Fisk then drops his mask and asks his lieutenant to kill the subordinate.


Karen Page

Karen Page is a recurring character from The Punisher. After losing her son, she reluctantly agrees to help Frank identify Micro, a mysterious character who has been shadowing him in Kandahar. Micro has information about Frank’s past activities there. Later, she reveals to Frank that her job is to help protect him. When Lewis Wilson delivers his manifesto to the Bulletin, he cites Karen’s coverage of Frank. However, Karen speaks down to Lewis when they appear on a radio show. While a lot of people know Karen from other shows, she is an under-utilized character.

Billy Russo

This character is an enemy of the Punisher, Spider-Man, and Daredevil. Unlike other fictional villains, Jigsaw is not a villain, but rather a supervillain. If you want to know more about him, you can check out the video below.

The Netflix version of Punisher features an entirely new Jigsaw, a character originally introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man. Interestingly enough, the show also features Dinah Madani as the killer, who stabbed Billy before he got killed. While Jigsaw may be a little too obvious, it is still a recognizable character in the comics. However, it is hard to tell how close the two characters are without a spoiler alert.


Matthew Rosenberg

As a comic book writer, Matthew Rosenberg brings his unique voice to the series that has been popular for 45 years. As the creator of the Punisher character, he has adapted his own unique style to the role, while battling evil on an international scale. This article focuses on some of Rosenberg’s most notable works. Read on to learn about his inspiration for the Punisher series and how Rosenberg has transformed the character.

Although the series has feature a more traditional Punisher look, the character will continue to utilize the techniques that made him famous. The Punisher’s War Machine armor won’t be replaced by a traditional outfit, though the series will focus on his criminal elements.


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