Chariot Movie Review


Despite the fact that Chariot is a mediocre film, I still managed to enjoy it despite its flaws. Sigal populated it with a variety of off-the-wall characters that kept it from becoming dreary. The movie was entertaining, and the set pieces were entertaining, too. Let’s look at some of my favorite moments from the film. I was entertained, but disappointed by its lack of suspense, coherence, and entertainment value.


Chariot’s script is flat

“Chariot” is more Lynchian than most people think it is. But its script is flat and lacks inspiration. Its plot is uninspired and doesn’t reveal important information at the right moments. That doesn’t do it any good. Instead, it’s a boring, drab movie that will disappoint some fans. Let’s look at a few of the problems it has. Below are some of the main issues:

It lacks coherency

Is the plot of “Chariot” so convoluted that it defies a straightforward plot synopsis? The answer is a resounding “no.” But how do you tell if something is a hoax? And what about the big special effects? If you’re a science fiction fan, you might be wondering if “Chariot” actually has any special effects at all. Here are a few signs that the movie lacks coherence.

The film opens with an interesting metaphysical dilemma. The film gradually devolves into a gimmicky theatrics and the titular chariot turns into a toothless tiger once the protagonist finds out the truth. While there are a few moments of dark humor, the movie’s climax is disappointing. Overall, the Chariot movie review lacks coherency, and I would not recommend it.


It lacks suspense

It lacks suspense in Chariot’s first act, which is an underwhelming and confusing opening scene. It sets up the central mystery with a mid-nineteenth century cowboy on a ranch, and the eerie lights that illuminate the scene are not enough to make you care about the boy’s situation. The movie also doesn’t get to its reincarnation tower, where the story could have gone.

The film is less interesting once the premise is revealed. It’s unclear how the protagonists will deal with the situation, but it’s a good example of how a movie can work on a shoestring budget. One character’s past life is revealed to another in an odd, but compelling way. The movie makes a point of using the reincarnation connection between the characters, but it doesn’t use it effectively. It serves only to make Harrison feel less insecure about streaming.


It lacks entertainment value

Despite its impressive scope and ambition, Chariot’s lack of entertainment value will turn many away. Though the movie has plenty of good ingredients, Sigal’s lack of a sense of purpose prevents it from making a film that will entertain. Instead of building an eerie atmosphere with the characters’ lives, Sigal falls flat and reverts to parody. Ultimately, the movie is nothing more than a sloppy mess.

While it starts fast and jumps into the action, the film stumbles on its bumpy road of extreme twists and turns. The ending is unsatisfying, and there are no surprises here. This small ensemble film tries to add some weird energy to its proceedings, but ultimately fails to deliver. Though the storyline is intriguing, it plays out its premise a little too long, with several twists hamstringing its logic.



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