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SEE-Apple TV Series Review

SEE-apple is an American fantasy television series about the world in which humankind has lost its sense of sight. Fortunately, one father is born with the mystical ability to see, and now he is on a mission to protect his tribe from a threatened queen. The series is based on a myth, and there are…

Severance – A Sci-Fi-Thriller For Apple TV Plus

The Sci-Fi thriller on Apple TV Plus, Severance, is a potent mix of comedy and corporate thriller. Set in the year 2022, Severance is a show you shouldn’t miss. Its themes revolve around office culture, memory, work-life balance, and more. Read on to find out more about this show! Then, make the right choice for…

CODA-Movie Review

This CODA-movie review looks at the unique perspective of director Sian Heder in this film about a young girl who loves music. It explores the idea of falling in love without fully understanding what you’re falling for. The story focuses on Ruby’s life, and how the conflicted emotions of a girl who is unsure of…

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