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Jim Carrey – Bio

If you’re curious about Jim Carrey Bio, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover His early years, career as a stand-up comedian, and his relationship with Cathriona White and Melissa Womer. Read on for some interesting facts about Jim Carrey! You’ll feel much more informed about the man himself! Regardless of […]

Stillwater Movie Review – Damon Stillwater As Bill Baker

In this Stillwater movie review, I’ll talk about the performance of Damon Stillwater as Bill Baker. Tom McCarthy’s drama about a man who loses his job to a corrupt banker is filled with great performances from an ensemble cast. Stillwater lacks the emotional leverage necessary to propel the dramatic arc, and its scattered compelling scenes […]

The Nevers Review – Does “The Nevers” Live Up to Its Hype?

This HBO drama has gained much controversy, and this Nevers review will explore whether it lives up to its hype. Joss Whedon created The Nevers and wrote its pilot episode. He later stepped down as showrunner, but wrote the first six episodes. This Nevers review will discuss why the show failed to live up to […]

Obi Wan Kenobi- Disney+ Series Review

Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ Series Review: What’s it like to be in the role of an ancient sage? We’re going to discuss Benny Safdie’s direction and Ewan McGregor’s performance as Obi-Wan Kenobi. We’ll also discuss Leia Organa’s performance as the rebel spy and her adventures in the planet Alderaan. Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars: […]

Stranger Things Season Four Spoilers

When Stranger Things Season Four premieres on NETFLIX on Oct. 19, I highly recommend watching it. The series is set in Russia and stars Paul Reiser as a high school cheerleader who has recurring visions of her family and her grandfather clock. The final episode features a new character who may be possessed by a […]

Five Reasons Why “Outer Range” Is a Good Fit For Fans of Westerns

In a new film from director Brian Watkins, Josh Brolin and a strong ensemble cast assemble to tell a tale of hope and survival. Josh Brolin, Lili Taylor, Tom Pelphrey, and Shaun Sipos lead a stellar cast. Other key players include Isabel Arraiza and Imogen Poots. Outer Range was directed by Brian Watkins and produced […]

She-Hulk Upcoming Movie

She-Hulk, an upcoming superhero movie based on the comic book character, will soon hit Disney Plus. It stars Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, Renee Elise Goldsberry as Amelia, Jameela Jamil as Titania, Ginger Gonzaga as Jennifer’s best friend. Josh Segarra has also joined the cast in an unspecified role. Mark Ruffalo will reprise his role […]

Chariot Movie Review

Despite the fact that Chariot is a mediocre film, I still managed to enjoy it despite its flaws. Sigal populated it with a variety of off-the-wall characters that kept it from becoming dreary. The movie was entertaining, and the set pieces were entertaining, too. Let’s look at some of my favorite moments from the film. […]

Daredevil Series on Disney+

You may be curious about the upcoming premiere of the Daredevil series on Disney+. Despite the series’ cancellation in 2018, the show is still expected to return in the near future. Marvel Television will be producing it, and it will be available on Disney+ in IMAX Enhanced and Widescreen versions. What you may not know […]

The Lincoln Lawyer – New Netflix Series

The Lincoln Lawyer New Netflix Series stars Neve Campbell, Becki Newton, Angus Sampson, and Jazz Raycole. But despite these high-profile names, the Netflix series lacks the procedural grit and inclination to make an audience laugh. This shows that the actors have a lot of work to do, so let’s get started. After all, the show’s […]

Marvel’s Punisher Series Continues

Fans of the Punisher Series have many favorite characters that will never die. Some of these characters include Frank Castle, Wilson Fisk, Karen Page, and Billy Russo. We’ll also look at the history of their characters and their unique talents. So, what is their story? And what can you expect from their new series? Here […]

Doom Patrol-HBO Max Review

Doom Patrol is a superhero team that is made up of disfigured and traumatized superhumans. Through the leadership of The Chief, these characters find purpose in helping the world. They investigate bizarre phenomena and are called to action by Cyborg. The Doom Patrol is part support group, part superhero team. If you’ve ever wondered what […]

Hanna Review – Could Be Better

Amazon Prime’s “Hanna” series follows the training of a teenage girl in assassination skills. It begins by introducing an isolated campus called the Meadows, where trainees must adopt false identities to get assignments. However, when a trainee accidentally kills someone, she can reclaim her identity and save the day. In this premise, fans of the […]

SEE-Apple TV Series Review

SEE-apple is an American fantasy television series about the world in which humankind has lost its sense of sight. Fortunately, one father is born with the mystical ability to see, and now he is on a mission to protect his tribe from a threatened queen. The series is based on a myth, and there are […]

James Gunn Defends Chris Pratt Against Backlash And Online Trolls

In a recent interview, James Gunn defended Chris Pratt against the “bullying” backlash aimed at the actor. Pratt was accused of homophobia and “bullying-like” comments, but defended himself against the backlash by bringing in famous co-stars to back him up. Actors like Katherine Schwarzenegger, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey Jr. also stepped up to defend […]

Ozark Season 4 – Cast Members’ Thoughts on the Series Finale

After a year-long run, Netflix’s new crime drama is wrapping up with a game-changing finale. The series featured some great acting, from Esai Morales, who played cartel underboss Del Rio, to Janet McTeer, who played ill-fated attorney Helen Pierce. The series also featured Tom Pelphrey, who played Ben, a character with bipolar disorder who saw […]

Horizon Forbidden West Game Guide

Developed by Guerilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Horizon Forbidden West is an action role-playing game set in 2022. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic Western U.S. after a plague has taken over the land. Using the same characters and locations from the previous Horizon Zero Dawn game, this one will be […]

Legion Show Review

In this Legion Show Review, I’m going to cover the pros and cons of the sci-fi mutant show. First and foremost, this show takes itself too seriously. While it features a nonlinear storyline and a magical do-over machine, I found it difficult to follow. And because the characters are essentially anthropomorphic mutants, the series does […]

Zara Phythian and Her Husband Are Accused of Sexually Abusing a Teenager

The ‘Doctor Strange‘ star has been accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl. She plays the character of Brunette Zealot in the Marvel superhero film. The husband of the actress, Marke, is also accused of indecently assaulting the teen. Phythian has denied the allegations. Marke has not commented on the allegations. Phythian played Brunette Zealot […]

Rebel Wilson Talks ‘Good Revenge’

In the latest episode of the show Rebel Wilson Talks ‘Good Revenge,’ Rebel talks about how she acted out of vengeance on a high school teacher. She confesses that her revenge was a “bad one.” But, she also admits that she is a good student, despite having a cheeky side. Read on to learn about […]

The Luke Cage Series – Who is Luke Cage?

Are you a fan of the Luke Cage Series? Are you curious about who this vigilante is? What is his motivation? Read on to discover all about this fascinating character. As a former convict turned vigilante, Luke Cage is black, intelligent, and powerful. Luke Cage is a former convict As the title suggests, Luke Cage […]

Marvels Jessica Jones Series

Fans of the comic book character Jessica Jones should check out the Marvels Jessica-Jones series. The series introduces the character of Jessica Jones, who is a detective. She settles in New York City and sets up her own detective agency, Alias Investigations. Cases involving special powers seem to find her agency. As Jessica Jones begins […]

Under the Banner of Heaven – Who Killed Brenda Wright Lafferty?

Who Killed Brenda Wright Laffertay? is an upcoming series written and directed by Oscar-winner Dustin Lance Black. The true story of two brothers’ murder of their sister-in-law, Brenda Lafferty, is told in a harrowing fashion. In addition to slitting Brenda’s throat, the brothers also killed her 15-month-old daughter, Erica. Ron Lafferty The first episode of […]

Moon Knight Episode 5 Review

This review will discuss the origin of Moon Knight, Steven’s relationship with Marc Spector, his dissociative identity disorder, and Oscar Isaac’s performance. We’ll also discuss what viewers should expect from Moon Knight Episode 5. Moon Knight’s origin story It’s hard to tell which part of Moon Knight’s origin story is real and which is just […]

Overwatch 2 Beta – What’s New in Overwatch 2 PvP?

If you’re interested in playing Overwatch 2 but are unsure whether you should apply for the beta, this article will answer all your burning questions. The Overwatch 2 beta is invitation-only, and players must own the original Overwatch to be eligible for the beta. You can sign up for an invitation on Blizzard’s website, and […]

Megan Fox’s Blood Drinking Ritual Revealed

Is Megan Fox drinking Machine Gun Kelly’s blood? If so, how and why? Is this a ritual that she performs on a regular basis? Or is it more of an everyday habit? It all depends on who you ask. Some people say that Megan Fox drinks Machine Gun Kelly’s blood as a way to celebrate […]

Iron Fist Show Review

The Netflix concept of television has a lot of things in common with Iron Fist, which is the prequel to the real-world action of the same name. This Netflix series is thirteen episodes long and is less interested in the concept of television as a whole than it is in the structure of the story […]

Adam Scott Bio – Facts About Actor-Comedian, Producer

Before learning about his acting and comedy career, you may be wondering if Adam Scott is married. The actor, comedian, producer, and podcaster married his wife Naomi Sablan in 2005. The couple is a very happy family, and Adam Scott dedicates all of his free time to his children. He introduces his children to the […]

Severance – A Sci-Fi-Thriller For Apple TV Plus

The Sci-Fi thriller on Apple TV Plus, Severance, is a potent mix of comedy and corporate thriller. Set in the year 2022, Severance is a show you shouldn’t miss. Its themes revolve around office culture, memory, work-life balance, and more. Read on to find out more about this show! Then, make the right choice for […]

Starfield Game Review

If you’ve heard of the Starfield game franchise, you may be curious about its release date, gameplay, and graphics. Starfield is a single-player sci-fi action role-playing game that will hit the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4-5, and PC on November 11, 2022. The game is based on the Starfield film franchise and is set in […]

The Outfit Review

The Outfit is one of those movies that will make you think, “Wait, what’s that?” It’s a well-made thriller, with expert performances and an intricate story that keeps you guessing until the last moment. Co-writer and director Graham Moore knows what makes a good mystery tick, and he’s created a neo-noir that feels genuine. But […]

The Bad Guys Movie Review

This animated film is a heist story with a family side. In this movie review, I will discuss whether this film is worth your time. Unlike other animated films, this one does not fall flat. I highly recommend watching it! Here are some of the movie’s major positive points and negatives. We’ll also talk about […]

Nicolas Cage in “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent”

The Unbearable Weight of Massive-Talent is directed by Tom Gormican and written by Kevin Etten. It’s rated R for drug use and language. It opens this Thursday at your local theater. Here’s what you should know before seeing it. Let’s start by discussing Cage’s performance. Cage’s performance The film isn’t perfect, but Nicolas Cage has […]

CODA-Movie Review

This CODA-movie review looks at the unique perspective of director Sian Heder in this film about a young girl who loves music. It explores the idea of falling in love without fully understanding what you’re falling for. The story focuses on Ruby’s life, and how the conflicted emotions of a girl who is unsure of […]

Monster Hunter Review

If you like video games and you love the action movie, you may want to check out Monster Hunter. Although this movie is a bit silly and a little too loud, it does have a good visual impact. It’s a fun watch – you won’t regret streaming it with a friend. In this Monster Hunter […]

Dragon Age 4 – BioWare’s Next Rpg

If you’re looking for a new role-playing game, you may be interested in the upcoming Dragon Age 4. BioWare is currently in the middle of developing this game, and there are no specific release dates for the game. We do know, though, that it will be a single-player adventure that won’t feature multiplayer. And, we […]

All the Old Knives

All the Old Knives is a superb thriller, starring Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton. Based on the bestselling novel by Olen Steinhauer, the plot is intense and offers classic spycraft tensions. Steinhauer’s characters are well developed and the plot is a riveting one, and he manages to pull off character development as well. It is […]

Black Adam Review

In this film, the titular villain is the man who becomes corrupted by his power. He is created by Shazam as Earth’s protector, but his power corrupted him. Is it really necessary to make this character a villain? I think not, but there are far better ways to create an evil character. Black Adam trailer […]

The Northman Movie Review

In The Northman, director Edgar Eggers builds an intensely re-imagined world. He enlists the talents of cinematographer Jarin Blaschke and stunt coordinator Jon Vidar Arnthorsson to create long takes that showcase the gruesome and bloody nature of war. And Skarsgard’s grizzled face draws attention. Still, the movie’s pacing makes it easy to forget it’s an […]


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